Welcome. I write fiction and nonfiction for magazines, work as a freelance writer / editor / journalist, and teach composition and fiction writing.

This newsletter is mostly dedicated to writing about politics and media, travel essays, creative non-fiction, discussions about books and movies, the MFA experience, publishing, and work I’ve already placed in magazines. But I might write anything.

Most of the content is free. Subscribing is merely a way to tip me for this work; though, I do post drafts of stories and chapters (often before they go out to magazines) as exclusive content. And, in the coming months, I plan to start a podcast here where I read poems and stories and sometimes comment about the things I’ve written or may soon write.

I write every day and publish all over the internet as well as in physical magazines and journals. If you like my writing, you can follow here to stay current with everything I do.


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Michael Davis
Writer: politics, media, fiction, nonfiction.